It’s been nearly a month since I started this blog, and not a single post after the first day.  This is a surprise, because at that time I had at least half a dozen things I wanted to write, and I stopped myself so I wouldn’t look overeager and spammy.  I have not done nearly as much decluttering since then as I would like – just a few bags of donations dropped off at the thrift store and a few piles of papers recycled.

The recycling is my topic for today.  In the course of cleaning out desk drawers I have encountered numerous things that made me reminisce, which is why it was so hard to throw them out in the first place.  There is a great deal of enjoyment to be had in finding that old essay from high school biology, that “Do you like me?” note that came from your first crush, that congratulatory greeting card received after your first starring role.

Confession: I do have the types of items listed in the previous sentence, but those were really made up examples.  That’s because the items I did find in my desk drawers sound much more lame.  In the past month I have recycled:

  • Many pages of lists of houses we liked when we were planning to move.  Given that we are no longer planning to move anytime soon and none of those houses are even on the market now, it’s way past time to trash those lists.
  • Parts 1-3 of a very long fanfic I enjoyed a decade ago.  I re-read it, then tossed it in the bin.
  • Lots of bits and bobs saved for scrapbooks, such as brochures and maps from vacations.  I have never ever made a scrapbook in my life.  If I’m being honest with myself, I never ever will.  So I kept the most important items (ticket stubs, brochures that I may use for planning another trip, etc.) and pitched the rest.

And then there’s the totally weird items.  Today I’m digging through two big stacks of boxes in the office closet.  These were items I packed for the move that didn’t happen.  I started digging through them to find miniature whiteboards I bought for mom to use as a polymer clay work surface, but after I found them in the 6th box I decided to actually clean out the boxes.

There are a couple of boxes of CDs and DVDs.  A couple more of various papers (things my grandmother wrote, in particular).  Most of it is office and craft supplies.  The sort of things that either need to be accessible so I can use them, or need to go away because I never will.  In just the beginning stages of going through these boxes, I encountered a stack of miniature spiral-bound notepads which I planned to stick in mom’s desk.  Upon flipping through these to be sure they were blank, I found that one had several pages of score charts mom made from my high school academic team meets, plus this mysterious missive in my younger handwriting:

Pig takes Ricklemeister toad fool narket.  Es big muy malo leche task fall fecha de hoy.  El fin de año es naranjada.  Gresgow no loco.  Soy no loco!!

I can’t even reminisce about this, because I have absolutely no clue what the context was.  So it made me laugh to find and read it this one time, but I’m dropping it in the recycle bin now.  If I found it again, the only bit of nostalgia would be finding it once before and being confused.