Now that I have open boxes and precarious piles scattered all over my office, it’s time for the inevitable loss of interest in that project.  Oops.  I probably just need to get some of the piles out of the way so it looks less daunting, but yesterday that was not in the cards, so I turned to some electronic tidying instead.

One of the many online activities that I swore I would never ever get involved in was Pinterest.  As you can see by following the link, I did not keep that promise.  I pinned lots of stuff.  Then I finally figured out an organization system, which unfortunately needed to be applied to all the old pins and boards.  That’s been a work-in-progress for a long time.  

Yesterday, I finished up one task that had been bugging me.  Initially, the notes I made on my pins were my comments about the recipe/artwork/whatever.  Then I learned that when people repin things, it copies the original pinner’s comments without clear attribution, and that made me crazy.  Like, “write in with a complaint” type of crazy.  Not that this solved anything.  So, part of my reorganization is to change the notes so that they are things suitable for repinning, and put my personal comments in the comments section.  

For recipes (the section I tackled yesterday, on all of the “Tasty Treats” boards), this constitutes putting the recipe title and an ingredients list in the notes.  I find this useful so that I can scan through the pretty pictures, and see at a glance whether I need to buy special ingredients.  Especially since some of the “recipes” don’t even have a proper ingredients list – I’ve found ones with just photos of the ingredients, and others that have a list and then the instructions mention three more ingredients that weren’t listed.  So doing the tricky part of this in advance while pinning makes it much more likely that I’ll actually try these recipes in the future.

I finished up with all the currently pinned recipes, and need to tackle the same process on the “Little Ones” boards.  Many of these pins are for art and science projects that also have an “ingredients” list, so for now I can keep on with the same approach.  After that, I’ll have to figure out what type of info is useful for a different kind of pin.

Once I finally get these cleaned up, it will be time to take a deep breath and wade through my Pocket queue.  This is where I’ve shoved things when I was too lazy to either read or pin them at the time (or was in a place/using a device where it was difficult to impossible to do so).