The current decluttering projects are pretty much the same as they were on Monday, although with more progress made.  There are still piles all over the office, but I’ve been through all of my craft supply storage in the closet and pulled out close to half the items to donate to the local recycling center’s Creation Station.  There’s an overflowing box in the hall filled with notebook paper, construction paper, various types of glue, stickers, colored pencils, chalk, and on and on and on.  Craft supplies have a tendency to pile up around here, due to the “but it might be USEFUL someday” phenomenon.

However, there are not enough hours in the day for all the crafts I could be doing, so I’m aiming to focus only on those I most enjoy and the supplies that are most inspiring.  Also, I’m attempting to reduce the duplicate items.  Take the colored pencils: I have a very nice Prismacolor set.  Also a handful of stray pencils from other high-quality brands that mom had lying around.  When am I ever going to touch the Crayola or RoseArt sets?  Never.  Same with construction paper – it’s a kiddie material, and I held onto one pack just in case, but there were at least 3 more packs of it in the closet.  

Which led to the conversation where mom argued that the reason we had so much of it was because she can never find what she’s looking for, and I argued that the reason we can’t get organized so we can find things is because we have too much crap.  Like the box of standard writing pencils.  I tweeted that I had found a jumbo pencil from kindergarten.  KINDERGARTEN.  This is verging on 3 decades ago.  There should not be a single consumable item in this house that is 3 decades old.  Even so, I kept about 1/3 of the box, including a bunch of never-sharpened pencils that had glitter or pretty pictures on them.  Am I going to use these?  Let’s take a guess that’s a no, given that I haven’t used a non-mechanical pencil since high school.

So on the one hand I’m making progress.  On the other hand, it’s not as much progress as it really should be.  Maybe this round of cleaning will leave enough space to design some kind of organization system, and then when I actually get that system set up I’ll clean out some more things.

On the digital front: I’m slowly plodding away at cleaning up the Pinterest boards.  I’ve done all the renaming and rearranging that needs to be done so that everything neatly fits into larger categories now.  For the following categories, every sub-board has been cleaned up, both in terms of fixing descriptions on individual pins and making sure all the information for the board is complete (description, category, etc):

  • Animals
  • Awesome Artwork
  • Crafts
  • Little Ones
  • Tasty Treats

So, again it’s progress, again it doesn’t feel like as much progress as I should have made.  I’m never sure if this is because I’m a giant loser, or because I seriously underestimate how long a task will take.