Following up on my previous post, I had a new vision (at least for the office closet…still pondering the rest of the room) and as a result I remeasured to make sure my measurements were precise.  Guess who is incompetent at measuring?

Actual measurements of the closet are 57″ wide (the trim at the floor is wider than the shelf supports, so the extra smidge of space I thought I might have does not exist), 23 1/4″ deep, and 65″ – 67 1/2″ high (depending on whether the clothes rod is removed).  The key here is the height – it’s 10″ more than I measured before.

These accurate measurements don’t help any with the shelves I was originally looking at, but I have found an alternate solution that requires only the slightest bit of IKEA Hackers magic.

  • 3 x BILLY bookcase (this is the shortest, narrowest one which measures 15 3/4″ wide x 41 3/4″ high x 11″ deep; width of all 3 combined is 47 1/4″)
  • 3 x BILLY height extension unit (15 3/4″ wide x 13 3/4″ high x 11″ deep; this brings total bookcase height to 55 1/2″)
  • 3 x BILLY extra shelf (to divide each bookcase into 4 sections instead of 3; I may even want more smaller sections in the future but this seems a good starting point)
  • 1 x BENNO DVD tower (7 7/8″ wide x 79 1/2″ high x 6 3/4″ deep; this is where the hacking comes in – I need this to fill in as much closet width as possible [total will be 55 1/8″ out of the 57″ available] but it only comes in this tall height so I will need someone to cut the sides of the frame down to match the bookcases)

So with this combination there is only 1 7/8″ of width left over in the closet, and there will be 9 1/2″ – 12″ between the top of the bookcases and the clothes rod or shelf.

Additional organization is still being brainstormed, but here are some of the ideas:

  • 4 x 11″ x 14″ Plexiglass Sheet (will decorate top of shelves with photos, fabric, paper, etc and place plexiglass on top, with added benefit of stopping things from falling behind the less-deep BENNO DVD tower; the 11″ is perfect for the depth of the bookcases, and the total of 56″ the other direction is so little over the bookcase width that I’d probably let it hang over the ends instead of cutting it)
  • 1 x NOTUDDEN hanging storage (to fill in that little bit of space at the side – may not work due to bookcase topper idea above)
  • Some variation on the cups and S-hooks idea from this Organizing Craft Room article on Good Housekeeping (to make use of the clothes rod, and fill in the empty space above the bookcases)
  • 2 x Wireworld 4-tier rolling cart (16 1/4″ wide x 9″ deep x 33″ high; just the right size to squeeze one in front of the bookcases behind each of the sliding doors to store more items but easily roll them out of the way to access the shelves)