Unless I have a large project to discuss, I don’t want to post every day about the tasks on the Declutter Calendar, so I’ll be saving drafts and then posting after a few days have been completed.

January 3rd – “Make sure out of season items are off porch” & January 4th – “Declutter kids’ items off of porch”

We do not have a porch, just a little slab of concrete by the door, and we don’t put anything out there.  Also, there are no kids in the house.  The only seasonal items outdoors are a spiral tree at the end of a few strands of lights, and those were already taken down.  So on the 3rd, I instead started gathering all the holiday decorations from the upstairs of the house and carrying them down to the basement to later be sorted into the appropriate storage boxes.  The box was full and there were decorations left, so I was lazy and didn’t take the rest of the items downstairs until the 6th.  So that’s a big fail.

Also in progress on this date: the most workable bit of multitasking I’ve ever done.  In late November or early December, I hunted through every single box in the basement, trying to find our Christmas CDs.  When we boxed things up a year and a half ago, I repeatedly made a point that CDs and DVDs should stay in the basement, rather than be moved to the breezeway or garage where they’d be subjected to extreme temperatures.  Only after exhausting all possibilities in the basement did I dig into the mountain of boxes in the breezeway, where I found that half of these boxes were CDs and DVDs (including the Christmas ones I was looking for).

They were in a variety of oddly-shaped and unwieldy boxes, so I brought them in to be re-boxed in the Small Moving Boxes from Lowe’s.  First, however, I’m importing them all to my new computer (music was all on the external hard drive that was dying when I bought this computer, and not all of it had been imported anyway).  The time between inserting a disc and being able to swap it out for a new one is perfectly filled with another task: cleaning up my browser bookmarks.

When I set up the new computer, I imported about a dozen bookmark files into Google Chrome.  This was a terrible idea, as it sorted them into folders based on which file they came from, and there were tons of duplicates and no organization whatsoever.  So I re-exported the whole collection to a single file, and then visited each link in the file and added it to a nice blank slate of bookmarks.  As it turns out, the bookmarks were done a lot faster than the CDs, so I’ll need to find another task that fits between inserting discs.

January 5th – “Find exercise that you enjoy”:

Well, I did this back in September.  I started going to the local walking trail every day.  Initially, I was jogging, then I had a clumsy moment involving flip-flops, a laminate floor, and a telephone.  The resulting ankle injury and the fact that I was stupid and kept walking on it ended up with me limping around for weeks.

Barring a few days when I simply could not get around, I did keep up with the walking for over a month, and although I lost the motivation to go to the trail (especially as the weather turned), I did keep up with the rest of the workout routine I’d been doing with it: crunches, squats, lunges, etc.  Until, one day, I didn’t keep up with it anymore.

At the moment, I’m working a job that involves constant walking.  I only get to sit down to pee and eat lunch.  I’ve lost about 10 pounds since starting there, so the idea of going out of my way to do additional exercise seems a little silly.  However, I’ve been interested in doing yoga (in that “maybe someday I’ll get around to making a habit of it” way) for far too long to count.  So let’s start with: I will do 5 minutes of corpse pose lately.

…stop laughing!  I have to start somewhere, right?  I didn’t learn to knit by committing myself to making a scarf every day.  I’m already behind though, as I totally didn’t look at the task for the 5th until the 6th.

January 6th – “Clear your left kitchen counter of things not used daily” & January 7th – “Clear your right kitchen counter of things not used daily”:

Okay, today’s the 6th and left would be the section between the stove and the sink.  Taking a wild guess that tomorrow I clean the right kitchen counter – why look at that!  That’s exactly what it says on the calendar.  Given the complete lack of counter space in our kitchen, I really ought to be able to do these in one day.  And by “one day” I mean more like “twenty minutes”.  But then I won’t have a task for the 7th, so maybe I’ll only do half of it today.

Nope, went ahead and did both sides.  There’s still a fair amount of clutter on the counters, but there’s simply nowhere else to go with it.  At least, nowhere else that wouldn’t get the plants eaten by a mob of cats, and the SodaStream forgotten in a dark corner and never used.